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The company works with parking real estate owners and offers a full-stack software and management service for their lot or garage. That means handling everything from installing signage to collecting payments, and even providing parking enforcement. AirGarage already has more than 200 locations across 30 states under its management. To scale its services even more, the startup has just closed a $12.5 million Series A led by a16z, with participation from existing investors Floodgate, Founders Fund and Abstract Ventures. The company’s undergone a number of pivots since its founding by Jonathon Barkl, Chelsea Border and Scott Fitsimones in 2017. The original instantiation of AirGarage, conceived when the three were students at Arizona State University, was to create a platform for people to rent out their driveways to college students who were paying exorbitant fees for on-campus parking. Barkl referred to this idea — a peer-to-peer marketplace for parking — as “AirGarage 1.0.” “That was how we started getting in to the parking industry, in the parking problem,” he told TechCrunch in a recent interview. “The thread that carries through is we realized there’s underutilized space that is poorly managed and not really being monetized in the way that it should be, and we just have technology and add software to this, we can change that.” In 2018, the company made its first shift, moving away from home driveways and toward parking space owners like churches and small businesses, to help them monetize their existing, underutilized asset. That was really when AirGarage hammered out its software-first full-stack approach, Barkl explained.


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up 29.5% with respect to the third quarter of 2020. Both the domestic market (which represents 47% of the total) and the international market (which makes up 53%) experienced significant positive growth (19% and 41% respectively). This business, which the Group develops via its subsidiary Elecnor Servicios y Proyectos and that company's affiliates, has grown sharply in the period. In the domestic market, activity continued to grow on the back of the services check it out developed for the energy, telecommunications, water, gas and transportation sectors, where it provides an essential service for all utilities. In addition, during this period, wind farm and solar PV farm construction work contributed to both the turnover and profit/loss of the Group. In the international market, the positive performance is mainly due to the construction of electricity transmission lines in Brazil and Chile, and also to US subsidiaries (Hawkeye and Belco) and to the major projects in Australia developed over the course of the financial year. The construction of wind farms in Colombia, solar PV farms in the Dominican Republic and Panama, hydroelectric plants in Cameroon and Angola, substations in Guinea, D.R. Congo and Cameroon, and a biomass project in Belgium, among many others, also contributed to the Group's turnover. It is worthy to note that this increase article source in activity has contributed to the absorption of the costs for the launch of new activities and the expansion to new areas in Italy and the United Kingdom, countries in which the Group has been operating for years with positive results. This business, which Elecnor develops via its subsidiary Enerfín and its investee Celeo, and both companies' affiliates, has performed strongly in the period.


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The northern lights may be visible Saturday night and tomorrow in parts of the country where they're rarely seen.Fred Thornhill/The Canadian Press Please log in to bookmark this story. Log In Create Free Account The northern lights may be visible Saturday and Sunday in parts of the country where they’re rarely seen. The federally funded AuroraMAX observatory in Yellowknife said in a post on social media that auroras may be visible across most of the country this weekend. The only parts of the country not included in an “alert” issued by the observatory are the southernmost points in Ontario, southwestern Vancouver Island and southeastern parts of the Atlantic provinces, including all of Nova Scotia. But the observatory, run through a partnership between the University of Calgary, the City of Yellowknife, the Canadian Space Agency and a local astronomy organization, says it is still possible that the lights may be visible in those parts of the country. Eric Donovan, a professor at the University of Calgary’s department of physics and astronomy who studies the aurora, said while he’s always hesitant to make predictions, observations suggest a large magnetic storm may make the aurora more visible further south than usual. “There’s a very good chance that tonight there will be very good aurora over large parts of Canada that don’t see it often,” he said, adding that the sky will have to be clear and other factors are at play. “The aurora is driven by the solar wind, the solar wind is this gas of ionized particles that comes out of the sun all the time,” he said in an interview Saturday. “What happens is that gas interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field and that process extracts energy from the solar wind.” One of the effects of that process is the aurora. “What people are predicting tonight, is that there will be a dramatic increase in the rate that energy is being delivered to this system.